Hello everyone,

I trust that you are all well and staying safe. I have got myself involved in this music project by Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) who has released a new version of her classic ‘What’s up’, sang by the young and talented Willa Amai. This is ‘Whats up’, released today worldwide where yours truly, humbly features in the music video.

Watch the video here https://youtu.be/MgUrM-vYg5w

I have a deep connection with this classic song and I always cover it in my live shows. So it feels pretty ironic to see me feature in this video and form part of the new music project of a songwriter that I most greatly admire! Needless to say I am stoked to form part of something so magical, the beauty and nostalgic interpretation of Willa Amai of this song is bliss.

Thank you for sharing your light with us all in such uncertain times.

Keep on smiling, Surianne

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