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‘Who am I’ is a live performance at Gib’s infamous Rock On The Rock Club. Thank you Allan Alman for all your support and help in making this possible. The footage was filmed by Paul Isola and his handy camera which picked up fantastically the live sound that you hear. Luckily Paul also happens to be an all rounded musician and a pretty awesome sound engineer that made ‘Surianne & The Peter Montegriffo Band’, a 5 piece band that bring a new age fusion of original Jazz, Blues, Latin and Rock music sound pretty cool and with a lot of kick.

Vocals: Surianne
Guitar: Peter Montegriffo
Bass: Gene Hogley
Drums: Antony Wright
Keys: Christopher Calderon

‘Who am I’ is an original song co written by Surianne & Peter Montegriffo.

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