Happy Sunday! Here is ‘Against All Odds’, the 3rd from our set at the 7th Gibraltar International Jazz Festival with Levanter Breeze Gib  Perro Percussionist  Arturo Bonich. ‘Against all odds’ is all about not giving up, we have the power inside us to make change, we just got to believe that we can. Enjoy! Thank you again Daniel Guerrero The Ministry of Culture Gibraltar for the opportunity and of course, to my wonderful band mates for all your energy and magic. Keep on smiling, Surianne

Please check out Levanter Breeze YouTube channel and subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNyp-5CXOSfFZCqKLb0aaw

Surianne – Vox & Acoustic Guitar
Peter Martinez – Guitar
Francis Pecino – Drums
Brian Torres – Keyboards
Louis Chipolina – Bass
Arturo Bonich – Congas
Dani Chipolina – Percussion

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