It's my birthday and I play if I want to!

It's my birthday and I play if I want to! You are all invited to my Facebook LIVE birthday jam today, Sunday 29th March, 7pm CET. Perhaps it's your birthday too? Come on over and join the fun! Let's celebrate our day with fun, laughter and some live music – together ❤️#StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #Covid_19

Posted by Surianne Dalmedo on Sunday, 29 March 2020

It’s my birthday and I play if I want to!  On Sunday 29th March, 7pm CET, I celebrated my birthday LIVE on Facebook. I thank everyone that tuned I to celebrate with me, the comments and bunter on the message thread really did make me laugh and smile. It was therapy at its best! Much appreciated especially at such present times, when our lives are conditioned and governed by matters and forces out of our control. With new rules and restrictions thrown at us. Understandable given the current circumstances we are going through. But let’s not forget to live, to laugh, to smile beautiful people!

We all share this change, in this particular moment in time, together.

What is absolutely wonderful and fascinating is how strong we stand united through such hard and uncertain times. Now is when we can really make a difference. Not only to our world and those around us, but to ourselves. Let’s learn from this madness and grow, evolving through self-awareness and mindfulness. It is time to heal.

My heart goes out to you all. Keep safe, keep well, but most of all, keep on smiling, Surianne ❤️#StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #Covid_19

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