A Mothers Pain

One Sunday live Facebook #PyjamaSessions, I was asked by a viewer if I could write a song with the theme ‘A Mothers Pain’ and so, here it is. Can you make out what the story is about? What do you think about the lyrics?

A Place Called Home

Inspired by a place, one that we all call home.

Against All Odds 

Against All Odds tells the story of survival of a very close and dear friend. Its proves that with a strong will and want to live, focus and determination, against all odds you can turn things around. I hope you enjoy and that you may find inspiration in the song.


Inspired by the story of a blind and selfish love. Ones self reflection and acceptance to situations happening around.

Hold On

A message about hope and was written for and inspired by the recurring chain of events of a dear friend. Happy to say everything turned out just fine. By accepting situations how they are and staying true to ones self, we focus our energy on our own development hence becoming stronger and more confident. Forget about them, this life is yours and yours alone.


Inspired by the joys and thrills that we get from our mothers fridge and how they (our mums) fills up our tummy and our hearts when we need it most!

Mi Familia

Give me a theme and I will write you a song! Judith got in touch and requested if I could write a song for her in Spanish about ‘The Family’. I had not written in Spanish for a very long time and I really enjoyed creating this. Here is ‘Mi Familia’, still in the creative process so please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Moving On

Inspired by how we just gotta stay in the flow no matter what!

Oh Daddy

Give me a title and I will write you a song! Mr Gary Tinkler told me that it would only be fair to write a song about ‘Dad’ as I had already one for ‘Mamma’. So here it is, wanted to give it a blues kind of feel to it, struggling a little as you can see with the rhythm and timing but some more practice should help me get there. What do you think guys?

Randy’s Song

I came across this very cool US musician Randy Tritt  who inspired me to write a song and as a challenge he would cover it. ‘Randy’s Song’ was written with Randy in mind (obviously) and I can not wait to hear how Randy interprets this in his own cool style!

Sea Breeze

Written many moons ago, during my uni years in Nottingham, UK, ‘Sea Breeze’ is all about letting yourself go and free into your dreams.

She Flies

An original song inspired by transition and by awakening to your calling.

Stronger Than Before

A story about courage and acceptance. ‘Stronger Than Before was independently released as charity single in 2011, entering the iTunes UK Top 100 Latino songs at #56 in aid of Hestia Housing and Support, a London based charity that gave Surianne the title as Ambassador as a result of her philanthropic work.

Sweet Roses

Give me a theme and I will write you a song! My beautiful friend Rosie has Cystic Fibrosis and gave me ‘illness’ as a title to write a song – and so I have. What do you think? It is still in the creative process so please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

We are as One

Co written and produced withTerry Shaughnessy (The Universal), that celebrates unity in diversity, embraces our differences and inspires a shared appreciation to positive change. It has also become the official anthem for the anual United Nationalities Marbella Summit organised by MarbellaNOW TV who, whilst being interviewed about the song one sunny day at Victors Beach, Marbella, decided to create a music video for the song there and then! Watch it on the link at the end